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3 Curiosities About Norway

Despite being a¬†relatively small¬†country¬†in terms of population (but very¬†large in extension), Norway is a very interesting country due to its long¬†history, environment¬†and¬†culture. So, here in this article are a few of the curiosities about Norway that you may not know! The incomes and assets of all citizens is public All citizens resident in Norway must […]

Argentinians and meat – a close relationship!

If I talk about great quality and tasty meat, Argentina is probably one of the first countries that comes to your mind. The great, undisputed star of Argentinian cuisine is¬†meat.¬†According to official estimates, in 2017 alone, an Argentinian consumed an average of 118 kilograms (260 pounds) of over the year.¬†And it’s easy to understand how […]

Viral YouTube Video – The Perfect Recipe

So, how do you create a viral video? Aside from a few fortunate anomalies, most viral videos are the product of a lot of hard work, a bit of luck, and a touch of impeccable timing. Making a viral video is similar to cooking. Having a decent recipe and the key ingredients helps, but you’ll […]